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Christmas Ornaments

Perfect gifts for the holidays! Spread cheer during the holiday season with Simple Treasures Photography Ornaments! We will place your portrait into one of our many holiday designs, and create a memorable gift for your family.

Our metal ornaments are printed with dynamic color and detail on a gorgeous aluminum surface. They are printed double-sided with same image used on each side. A White Base on metal prints creates a fresh, bright appearance allowing all the details of your image to shine through with crystal clear precision. Commemorate every season and start a new family tradition!

Take a look at our available templates for our metal ornaments:

Our acrylic ornaments are created by printing your photo on photographic paper, then mounted to 1/8" white acrylic and laser cut according to the ornament shape. These beautiful ornaments boast accurate color, and great intensity!

Take a look at our available templates for our acrylic ornaments:

Contact us today to order your personalized ornaments! Prices start at $10 when using portraits taken by Simple Treasures Photography.


Specializing in  Family, Wedding, Senior , and Professional Portraits.

Serving Townsend, Helena, Bozeman, Great Falls, Billings, Butte, Missoula and surrounding areas. 

Available Worldwide!