The Session Experience

Simple Treasures Photography is a full service boutique photography studio, which means I not only focus on capturing beautiful images of your family, but also on creating a luxurious and fun session experience for you along the way!  I will work with you and your family throughout each step of the process:  from booking the session, to what to wear, to your Reveal, and finally the delivery of your finished art – straight to your doorstep.

Booking Inquiry

When you are ready to book your session, the first step is to complete a booking form.  These can be found on the Inquire page.  You can choose your top 3 session dates, and your session will be scheduled on one of those dates.  You’ll get an email from me, and we’ll plan a day within two weeks of your session date where we can meet up for an hour or so and plan the details of your session.

The Planning Session

If we don't meet at the studio, one of my favorite places to meet for a planning session is Starbucks.  I love to treat my clients to their favorite cup of joe (or tea, whichever you prefer!).  During the planning session, we’ll get to know one another and you can tell me all about your family!  I want to know what your expectations are for your session, as well as what you plan to do with your finished images.  If you’re interested, we’ll plan a time for me to visit your home before the session so I can create a custom gallery wall design for your home.  We’ll plan your session location and time, and I’ll also help you narrow down what to wear.  Also during the session, we’ll plan the date for your Reveal!

Home Gallery Design

This stage of the process is entirely optional, but I highly recommend it!  If you are considering any wall art for your home, I am happy to come help you design the perfect way to display the art from your session.  I will take a few photographs of the places in your home that you are interested in hanging wall art and, using the latest design software,  will custom design a wall display using your images! Your gallery designs will be available for you to see on Reveal Night.

Your Portrait Session

My goal is to capture the unique personalities of your family and kids in every photo I take.  Oftentimes when people arrive for a session, they are nervous and aren’t sure what to expect, especially children.  Add to that they common fear that they won’t know how to pose or what to do, and you’ve got one seriously stressed out family.  I’ve been on the other side of the camera several times myself where I wasn’t sure what to do, and just generally felt awkward.  Not a great experience.

When we arrive on location for your session, I make it a priority to spend a few minutes visiting and getting to know the family you’ve told me all about, because I want your family’s story to shine through!  I like to take some time to play with the kiddos, and help everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.  During this time, I’ll snap some candid, lifestyle shots of your family interacting with one another.  As everyone loosens up,   we’ll move on to the more formal, posed portraits you’ve been dreaming about.   I like to wait till the kids are nice and comfortable with me before I start giving them too much direction so you can expect this further into the session.  And don’t worry, I promise to gently guide you into the poses that will look best!


All in all,  we’ll spend between 1-2 hours shooting your session, and I promise you are going to have a great time!

The Reveal

Once the memories have been captured, it will be time to bring your story to life! I’ve got to tell you – this is my absolute favorite part!  I will spend the next two weeks going through your images and carefully editing each one.  I’ll put the very best images captured during your session into a slideshow for you to enjoy at your Reveal!  After your Slideshow, I will help you plan your wall portraits, album, and fine art needs.  Placing your order can feel a little daunting. That’s exactly why I’ve implemented Reveal Night!  I’m certain that your portrait art will become a family treasure that you’ll enjoy for generations.


I create fine art photography, and as such, the work that I create is intended to be YOUR art!
I don’t believe there is anything more valuable or precious than our families.
They are your masterpiece, they are your story…let me be your storyteller!

Specializing in  Family, Wedding, Senior , and Professional Portraits.

Serving Townsend, Helena, Bozeman, Great Falls, Billings, Butte, Missoula and surrounding areas. 

Available Worldwide!